31 de jul. de 2011

Most Memorable Moment

As you know, a few days ago we posted here on the blog about the anniversary of 3 years of Flashpoint. To celebrate that important date, we asked fans to send to us the "Most Memorable Moment", that scene or situation in their opinion that has touched them mostly in the last three seasons of the show.

We would like to thank all the fans for their submitions with unforgettable and amazing moments. .Hope you all enjoy the article as much as me and the team enjoyed working on it. We know that there are more fantastic moments aside from those that had been sent. Flashpoint has millions of fans around the planet with so many different opinions, but we are glad that so many fans joined us and shared their moments with us. Happy Anniversary Flashpoint! Ladies and Gentleman, "The Most Memorable Moments":


First In Line ( season 1) A father desperate to save his daughter

"One of my favorites was First in Line. Henry Czerny guest-starred. His daughter was dying and needed a heart transplant. To me, it showed the lengths we, as parents, will go to save our children. It was heart-wrenching for the father and also for Greg. It brought into play Greg's feelings for his own son and let us see his vulnerabilities/frustrations about not having his son with him. I cried and cried over that episode." Kathi

First In Line ( season 1) : The Rookie

"My most memorable moment is when Ed goes coffee shop at Sam's ass. It's definitely one of my favorite Flashpoint moments. Sam was still this arrogant rookie bastard and knowing how he is now, you can totally see how he has matured and improved. Now he's the Team Leader! Time sure does fly. And of course, he looked so cute when he was being Ed'd!"
- Elisa Ivena

Element Of Surprise ( season 1) Ed tries to save Jackson

"My most memorable moment is the episode 3, season 1, at the end of the episode when Ed holds the boy and says " I got you buddy", no doubt this episode is very good and the end of it is even better..." Fabricio

Attention Shoppers ( season 1) Jules' first negotiation

"...when Jules jumps to save the girl that was going to kill herself.." Felipe

"Jules' first negotiation on Attention Shoppers. Was one of the best diologs of the whole show". Italo

Attention Shoppers (season 1) "Didn't know you could fly..."

"Sam and Jules at the women locker's room (Attention Shoppers) . The first time the couple talked alone on the locker room, Sam showed that he worries about Jules and she showed in her eyes that something could happen between them." - Samules

Eagle Two ( season 1) First Kiss

"Most memorable Flashpoint moment has got to be the JAM* kiss in Eagle Two" - Carrousella

"There are so many moments, but I guess I'm gonna pick Jules and Sam kiss, because it was a touching scene for both of them, it set the official start of a relationship that won our hearts, it worked, they broke up and now it's back." - Raquel

"Memorable Moment: The Jules and Sam first kiss. I was a touching moment for the couple that was just beginning their relationship." - Gustavo

*JAM : Jules + Sam

Between Heartbeats ( season 1) Officer Down! Officer Down!

"The most memorable moment is when Jules got shot and all team 1 went down to the hospital and they didn't just left her there." - BettySemedo20

Perfect Storm (season 2) Desperate Parker

"and then there's Greg's meltdown at the end of 'Perfect Storm'... trashing his locker, and missing 'his boy'." - Jaye Cherry

One Wrong Move ( season 2) Lou's death

"If I absolutely have to pick one, it has to be Spike's reaction when Lou was killed! When the sound was cut and Spike is screaming! Makes me cry every time!" - Melissa Green

"So many great moments to choose from....but there is one that, to me, shows the team & their humanity very well...when Lou dies it was heart breaking - the way they show Spike fall to his knees w/no sound & the rest of the team reacting" - Bumppity

"at the end of One Wrong Move when Spike drops to his knees crying." - Marymmchea

"Fav. moment..Lou calling his parents in ONE WRONG MOVE." - Mary Drury

Behind The Blue Line (season 2) We are a Team

"My fave moment is at the end of Behind the Blue Line, when the team is waiting for Sam to come out of the locker room. They are there to support him. It's what I love best about Team 1. They are a team that supports each other good times and in bad!" - Laura Paschold

Jumping at Shadows (season 3) Parker hugs Dean

"I'm going to be a little bias only because he is my favorite but it has to be when Sgt. Parker finally gets to hug his son. I can watch that scene over and over. I'm sure there are other ones but none more memorable are coming too me right now." - Santina Triolo

"My most memorable FP moment is when Greg finally lays eyes on his son after all those years and gets to hug him. Greg is my favourite character and also the most mysterious - he's the only one, really, whom we never... truly get to see completely let his guard down...until that moment. Then, we finally see a vulnerable, less than super-human Greg. You can almost see his heart beating out of his chest with love and pride." - Hilda Markis

Thicker Than Blood (season 3) Jules speech

"My Memorable Moment is the Jules speech on 'Thicker Than Blood'. When she says that the boy's eyes are brave and we have to believe what he believes. Those lines formed one of the best emotional scenes of the whole show. Jules eyes shine in the scene. -" Mariana

Terror (season 3) " We make a good team..."

"My memorable moment is the Jules and Sam scene, when they got the kidnapper in Terror, both worked together, saved Steve that was shot. Jules was agile." - Gabriela


Now, a video surprise...enjoy!

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