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Interview: Amy Jo Johnson talks about her new movie, The Space Between

Amy Jo Johnson, the multi talented artist, spoke exclusively with Flashpoint-Brasil about her new project, "The Space Between" and other things more...like Flashpoint!

FPBR:  I’m  gonna start saying that you have a large fanbase here, or maybe I should say ”tribebase”? A whole bunch of nice people follow your carreer since ever and Flashpoint is still airing in Brazil, so your tribe is getting bigger and bigger!  I can see a lot of Brazilian people on your Stage it shows and everything. I believe it’s the first time a Brazilian website talks to you about your first feature, right? How do you feel about this support from Brazil?

Amy Jo: LOVE the support from Brazil. One day I would LOVE to visit. AND I truly appreciate all the love coming towards my leap into writing and directing.

 We all know Jules Callaghan, oh yeh, we do! After a few years off screen she got the role of Jules on Flashpoint. New life in Canada,  baby...and one of the best characters she's ever played. The role of Jules gave her a nomination for Best Actress in a Leading Role on Gemini Awards. So let's talk a little about Flashpoint.

FPBR: We love Julianna Callaghan here, it's such a fantastic character. So tell me Amy, what does Jules mean to you?

Amy Jo : Jules was one of my favourite roles I've ever played. A strong woman who can kick ass but still gentle and feminine. LOVE that. 

FPBR: What’s your favorite Flashpoint episode? 

Amy Jo: Probably the finale of the show. It was so epic and FUN to shoot.  

FPBR: So you wrote “Relief” for the final episode of Flashpoint right? What was your inspiration to write it? Did you write for an specific scene? And too bad the song wasn’t included in the end...do you know why?

Amy Jo: I did write it for the show, but they didn't chose to use it. I get it. A song has to fit perfectly. AND it just didn't fit. BUT I do love that song.  

FPBR: If Flashpoint had a reunion or a movie in the future would you do it? 

Amy Jo: In a heart beat. 

Besides being an actress, writer, director, painter, wife and mother...she is a musician! Wonderful singer and song writer, Amy Jo has a few albuns under her belt! The most recent one is "Never Broken". Let's check what she told me about music:

FPBR : Do you have plans for a new album?

Amy Jo: Not at the moment. Just working my butt off on getting The Space Between made!

FPBR: One of the songs that you often sing on “Stage it and is also quite special for the fans is Clear Blue Day. Fans of Felicity certainly remember you playing it in the episodes. Why didn’t you include it in any of your albums? Do you intend to record it in the future?

Amy Jo: I will record it someday!! Maybe for The Space Between.

FPBR: The lyrics of your songs are influenced by stories of your life, experiences and feelings. There are characters/people who are mentioned in the compositions. Who are John and Matilda (Matilda’s song) and Jimmy, Rosemary and Reene (Jimmy's song)?

Amy Jo: Jimmy was one of my first loves. A boyfriend I had right after high school. He was a great guy. Renee was a girl I went to high school with and she passed away in a car accident when we were 19. Matilda was a sand person Jimmy and I made. ;-) 

A few years ago, right after Flashpoint, Amy Jo directed her first short, "BENT", a story about two childhood friends living very different lives with the same tumultuous past. After that came LINES another successful short starring the fantastic, Enrico Colantoni. Her third short "SHOOTING BLANKS", the prequel of The Space Between, will be lauched tonight, nov 9th, by Amy and Michael Cram live on Stage it!

FPBR: Now you’re switching gears to the director’s chair. “Bent” was your first short film, and you used the crowdfunding to make it happen. Was there any moment that you thought you were not going to reach the goal, any insecurites along the process? Did you feel more confortable during the “Lines” campaign since it was your secong movie?

Amy Jo: It's such a nerve racking FUN ride. But Indiegogo and everyone have been incredibly generous in helping us get these films made. Couldn't do it without the support and energy from all the people who have followed my career.

FPBR : How was to direct Enrico Colantoni in Lines?

Amy Jo: Amazing and scary. He's one of the best actors I know. AND I was a little intimidated. BUT he helped me through and was awesome.

After two great shorts, Amy Jo Johnson is embarking on this new adventure, to direct her first feature called "The Space Between". Once again she is turning to crowdfunding to accomplish this dream and she reached her goal! How awesome is that??

The Space Between tells the story of  Mitch, a proud new father, who discovers that his baby isn’t his, he leaves his small-town and sets out on a journey to find the baby's true daddy. What a great adventure this is going to be, and we really can't wait for that! And the cast ..oh what a cast!  Michael Cram (Mitch), Sonya Salooma (Jackie), David Paetkau (Marcus) and of course Amy Jo (Amelia) !

FPBR : Let’s talk about The Space Between. What’s is it like directing your first feature? 

Amy Jo: I can't wait!! It's going to be super exciting and scary and everything all rolled into one! 

Flashpoint-Brasil: David Paetkau has joined the cast of TSB, so what can we expect from your character, Amelia and David's? Will they have their own story in the movie or will they be intertwined with Mitch and Jackie's story?

Amy Jo: Everyone is intertwined. I'm so happy to have David on board. It will be a big love fest of FUN or a month. 

FPBR: The Indiegogo campaing for The Space Between definitely has great perks, can you tell us a little bit about the perks, how did you come up with the ideas ?

Amy Jo: Lots and lots of brainstorming!! AND we keep coming up with them! If you have any ideas send them my way!! My fav is the skype session because I can actually meet some of you. 

FPBR : Will the movie be shot in Toronto?
Amy Jo: Yes

FPBR: We can see great people in the soundtrack of The Space Between, such as Cinjun Tate, Joe Firstman, Miranda Lee Richards...and of course Amy Jo Johnson! Did you write a special song for the movie? 

Amy Jo: I might... Michael Cram has an amazing song that will be part of the sound track as well. 

What's next?? 

FPBR: I recently read in one of your interviews that you are really focused in getting your movie done and your are not doing any auditions, that you are in transition from acting to directing. So let me ask you, can we still expect to see Amy Jo Johnson back on TV shows or movies?  

Amy Jo: Not sure Talita. right now my heart and passion is exactly where it's supposed to be.
FPBR: Do you wanna leave a message for the readers, inviting them to join the campaign...? The space is all yours.

Amy Jo : Come be a part of The Space Between! I promise it will be a FUN interesting ride. FROM beginning to end! 

Let's Make it Happen For The Space Between! 

Even though the movie has reached the goal of $75.000, you can still contribute and get some awesome perks! Check the campaign on Indiegogo: 

The Space Between Facebook Page:  

The Space Between Twitter: 

Also, check Stage It.com and get your FREE ticket for the launch party of "Shooting Blanks"! This show will mark the half way point of the indiegogo campaign for The Space Between!! Amy Jo &Michael Cram, Nov 9th!

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