6 de fev de 2011

Mark talks about Sam and Jules

Today is a special day for Flashpoint and for us too! A couple of months ago we asked Mark Ellis, the co-creator of Flashpoint, to answer some questions for our blog and he said yes. Today we recieved a message from him saying that he was going to answer one of the questions before the superbowl, so he did and you can check here:

FPBR: Since we told the fans about this interview, the majority of the questions sent by the them were about Sam and Jules. We didn’t want to be unfair picking a specific question of one fan, so we decide to ask one question about them representing all the questions sent. So,the story between Sam and Jules begun in Season 1, they broke up in Season 2 and now in Season 3 the first episodes showed us that the sparkle is still there, they still feel something for each other, plus , someone from Jules’s past showed up. So, what the Sam and Jules fans can expect from the season finale and maybe season 4? I mean I know that you can’t tell us if they are going to stay together or not, but can you say something to calm down the J & S fans hearts?

Mark Ellis: Sam and Jules' history is front and center in Fault Lines as they reach a flashpoint of their own. Expect things to get *very* complicated for them in season 4.


Thanks Mark for answering one of our questions in this special day for all the "Flashpointers"!

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